5 Tips on how to Train your Basenji Breed Dog

Basenjis are highly intelligent dogs and will learn very quickly. What they do with what they learned cannot always be foretold. They will learn new commands quickly, but will also get bored with them, just as quickly. They are a stubborn breed with certain characteristics and will obey you only if it suits them at that moment.

5 Tips on how to Train your Basenji Breed dog:

You won’t do well with a Basenji if you are a timid owner. Basenjis can be willful and dominant; therefore, you need to have confidence when training them.

1. Establish a daily routine: It is important to set regular times for feeding, going for walks, playtime, night-time sleep time, etc. When the rules are unmistakable and clear, the dog will follow it.

2. Establish a Pecking order: Basenjis are independent dogs and to heed your commands they have to see you as the leader of the pack. Handle these dogs firmly, but fairly, and they will consider you the leader.

3. Teach your Basenji the right words: In a way, he will understand; teach them specific words, spoken in a specific way, in order to learn your dog the words, but also learn them to develop a respectful attitude towards you when speaking these words. When the dog understands what you say, he will feel happy to obey you and them. Knowing the meaning of a word or command, the dog will understand what you need from it. Knowing what you want and understanding it, he will do it.

4. Positive Re-enforcement Training: Food rewards or a clicker-based training method works best for Basenjis. A treat works wonders. But, be careful not to give too much food rewards because the Basenji will eat anything, the whole day. They can become greedy eaters and get fat.

5. Start teaching a Basenji when still a puppy: Puppies will be easier to teach because everything is still new and you can direct them accordingly. They still have their inborn instincts but have not used them yet. With adult dogs, it might be more difficult to re-establish a pecking order and to submit to a new leader, you.

The Basenji Ancestors lived for centuries in their homeland in Central Africa. Hunting duties have been their job; this is still inborn in modern Basenjis. If you should punish them for hunting your chicken or cat, he will hold a grudge, because he would not understand why he has been punished.

Basenjis cannot be forced to obey you, they need to be convinced to do something or obey a command. They might understand immediately what we want but will obey only if it is natural behavior for them.

Train your Basenji Breed Dog in a playful but firm way. Expect them to obey you, they will react to your confidence but never expect an obedient, good dog.

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