Characteristics of the Basenjis Dog Breed

Originating out of Africa, Basenji dogs have lived among humans for more than a thousand years. Dogs that resemble the modern Basenji can be seen depicted on tomb walls of the Egyptian pharaohs. They sit at the feet of their master, with pricked ears and the tightly curled tail, looking just the same as they still do today.

What you can expect of your Basenjis Dog Breed:

Appearance: They are smallish, short-haired dogs with a tightly curled tail, erect ears, and a graceful neck. They have almond shaped eyes and wrinkles, especially when young or extremely excited, on their forehead. They are as long as they are tall, with the male dog normally larger than the female dog.

A Basenji is an athletic dog: They run with a graceful, confident gait, much like a trotting horse, and can skim the ground in a full gallop. In this double suspension run, their curled tail will straighten out to help with balancing when running at top speed. Basenji dogs are deceptively powerful when you take into account their smaller size.

Colorations: They come in different colors, red or black, a tricolor and brindle. All Basenjis have white feet, white tail tips, and white chests. They can also come in a tricolor with brindle points, a rare combination, called trundle.

Temperament: Basenjis are energetic, alert and curious. They tend to be reserved with strangers and will become emotionally attached to a single human being. They might not get along with non-canine pets. They like to chase things and can possibly chase smaller pets, like cats, pet mice, etc. They like to stand on their hind legs to observe something that catches their interest. Even though very intelligent, they are not easy to train.

Basenjis can be great pets for families that can spend lots of time with them, to train them, go on walks with them and will keep them from getting bored. Check out our homepage for periodic posts written by Basenji experts.