What Kind of Personality Traits does a Basenji Breed Dog Displays?

The Basenji breed’s ancestors were hunting dogs. In their native land, their brothers and sisters are still used as hunting dogs. This breed of dog is both a sight and scent hound. But; if they want to be, they can be selectively, deaf, and blind.

Personality traits and characteristics of the Basenji Breed:

A Basenji is meticulous about cleanliness, they are constantly grooming themselves. They have short haired, fine, silky coats. They do not need to be bathed too frequently, because they do not omit the usual, doggy odor and because of their cat-like cleaning behavior.

Because of their short coats, they are able to tolerate heat, but they do not like cold, rain, strong winds, hail and frost. On cold days you will find them in the warmest spot they can find and if there is a bit of sunshine they will occupy the sunniest spot on a cold day.

Basenjis are a small to medium sized dog, where the male is larger than the female. They are as tall as they are long. They can run extremely fast and although small in build, they are very strong and powerful.

The Basenji Breed is hunters. They have a strong drive to chase, prey drive, in this case, anything that moves can become prey; chickens, cats, birds, rabbits, possums, bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. everything is fair game.

They are athletic and they can climb fences or jump fences.

They like being independent and they like open spaces and the feeling of freedom. When they find a door or gate that has been left open, even for a second, they will take the gap, and make a dash through it. Gone in a second. Running off to go find an adventure. They will also not obey calls to come back before they feel like it.

They are very intelligent dogs, but not in ways that all will like. They have a unique combination of intelligence, curiosity, energy, and independence. Put together it enabled their ancestors to survive in the bush and wild; put together in modern civilization can become a great challenge.

Basenjis have a sense of humor, not one you will always like, and they can be stubborn and charming. They are mischievous and will get into all sorts of antics.

Basenjis do not bark. They do, however, have a variety of sounds they make when communicating. One of these sounds, being, the yodel, which they are known for. This they will mostly use when happy or when they know they were extremely naughty, and they do know, to try and manipulate forgiveness.

The Basenji Breed dog is not a fully domesticated dog, and different in that respect from most other dog breeds. You need to establish yourself as the Pack Leader when the Basenji is still a puppy. When you treat them fair and firmly, you will be considered the leader, if they don’t accept that leadership, they will gladly take over this role from you.

If you want a reliable, obedient dog, the Basenji is not for you. If you have a good sense of humor, have a tolerance for mischief and are willing to learn the Basenjis’ behavior, you could enjoy a, definitely not boring, full life with your Basenji Breed dog.

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