Having a Basenji dog as a pet; what is good about their temperament? What is bad about their character?

Basenjis are graceful, elegant dogs with a poised demeanor and an inquiring alertness. They become bored easily and are endlessly curious about everything.

If you are looking for a dog that:

Is a convenient size? Basenjis are small dogs, which are as tall as which they are long. Male dogs are usually larger than the female dogs.

Combined litheness and elegance with sturdiness? Basenjis are deceptively powerful when you look at their size. They are graceful and confident when running at top speed.

Has an easy-care, soft coat in striking colors? They come in black, red a three-color and brindle. They also come in Trindle; this is a tricolor with brindle points. All colors have white chests, feet and tail tips.

Does not shed much? Their hairs are so fine and short that you won’t notice it as you would other dogs’ shedding fur.

Makes a keen watchdog? Basenjis are alert and energetic dogs. They are very curious and also reserved with strangers.

All of the above is the positives in having a Basenji dog as a pet.

When you do not want to deal with:

A very high activity level; they are very busy and needs to be taken on long walks daily. When they get bored they will get into all kinds of mischief that can turn disastrous. They should also not be left alone for long.

Suspicious towards new persons; it can be difficult when people come to visit you that are not familiar. They do not trust outsiders, people not of their known family, very easily.

Aggression towards your other pets; they might be fine with other dogs, but cats, pet mice, etc. can be seen as prey and will be hunted.

Masters at escaping; you need to keep a close watch on doors and gates to keep them from taking the gap and going for a walk. They will take the road when they get out. They are very curious and like to chase anything.

They have a mind of their own; they are very intelligent but almost impossible to train. You need to take charge or they will just ignore you.

Basenjis need to be trained and need to get a lot of exercise. They also need to be in a secured area. They will go under, over and through fences, looking for adventure.

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